Trend Report: What’s New in Bathrooms and Kitchens

When it comes to remodeling, Dream House Dream Kitchens has seen many trends come and go over their 35 years in business. Some reflect home innovations, and some are purely aesthetic. Some are a flash in the pan and others withstand the test of time.

So, if you’re planning a kitchen or bath remodel any time soon, what can you expect?

“First off, do the remodel for you – not thinking about the next owner,” says Jerry Schmidt, director of sales. “It’s important to make it a space you love. We won’t let you get so far off the rails that it won’t sell.”

The biggest change in bathrooms, according to Schmidt is larger showers, often created by doing away with large, jetted tubs that used to be so popular. More people these days prefer a quick shower. Removing a tub, that’s taking up space allows room to expand the shower — possibly with room to spare to add in a bench or a rain shower head.

Another trend is the stream shower. Tiled and glassed-in from floor to ceiling, steam is pumped in, creating your own steam room.“It’s great for someone with a cold or allergy,” Schmidt says. He adds that removing a large tub could also
free up space to create a double vanity. And while going tub-less is a personal preference, he suggests keeping one in another bathroom for kids or guests — with a nicer tub and fun tiling.

In the kitchen, Schmidt says the two biggest changes they’ve seen in recent years is with the island and appliances. “Islands are typically all one level now, creating one big, open space,” he explains. “That provides more prep space as well as room for serving.” Countertop materials have also seen a change, with quartz overtaking granite in popularity. “Quartz is a controllable product,” he explains, adding that although it’s 93% natural material, customers like that it can still be manipulated into a pattern or color of their choice.

Higher-end appliances have also become popular.“With people working from home and staying in more, families are cooking [more],” Schmidt says. Other trends include water dispensers inside the refrigerator, induction cooktops for more even heating, and warmer, more natural paint and cabinet colors.

One style that’s not going anywhere anytime soon? White cabinets.“White will never go away,” he reassures, “but one way to update the look is by adding a wood-accented island or shelving in green, blue or olive to add a pop of color.”

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