Dream House Dream Kitchens: Everything in its Place

Today’s cabinets are no longer simple “cupboards” of previous generations. Streamlined, efficient designs, today’s custom cabinets come with a wealth of bells and whistles as well as inserts and accessories that streamline kitchen efficiency.

Functionality is paramount for today’s cabinet designs, and luckily there are accessories and accouterments aplenty in today’s cabinet designs.

“Cabinet design depends on a client’s everyday use of their kitchen, along with the style of the home. By focusing on that work triangle and how our client uses the space, we then deliver a design based off of the everyday tasks needed,” says Rachael Parker, designer at Dream House Dream Kitchens. “Also, utilizing the key style elements of the client’s home helps us drive the finishes.”

As Parker explains, typically, any room that has cabinetry calls for high functionality — whether it’s a kitchen, primary bath, mudroom, laundry room, etc. Allowing cabinets to house specific inserts or accessories within said spaces provides not only more functionality, but also better organization. This maximizes storage and makes everyday life easier.

“With designated placements, the flow of the kitchen can become more functional, and knowing where things are makes using the space more efficient,” Parker says. “As we work through the desired work triangle of a kitchen, each cabinet accessory can add functionality to each piece of the triangle.”

Using various specialty pullouts, dividers and drawer inserts/drop-ins, Dream House Dream Kitchens can design truly custom cabinets by incorporating accessories that are unique to a client’s needs.

For kitchens in particular, Dream House Dream Kitchens likes to provide a few basic inserts that they think are crucial to the functionality and efficiency of any kitchen. Beyond those, they can help make selections of accessories that might be helpful for how the client lives by asking key questions: How do you use your space? Do you cook a lot? Do you bake? How often are you in your kitchen? What are some of your most utilized appliances? What do you currently like and dislike about your kitchen?

“Using these questions helps us design a kitchen based on the client’s everyday lifestyle,” Parker says. “If the client loves to cook, we would suggest more storage in the cooking areas of the kitchen that house utensils, spices, and pots and pans. If their kitchen is the family drop zone, where papers build up and phones need charging, we may design a mail/drop zone for them. The options are endless, but the key is getting to know the homeowner and how they live in their spaces.”

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