Finding Success in Your Career

For so many women, landing in a successful career is a top goal — and a tough one. Danessa Bishop, vice president market manager at Park Bank, still remembers the day when she arrived in the U.S. with $300 in her pocket and a suitcase full of dreams.

“My goal was to learn English in one year and go back to Panama to work in the Trade Center or the Panama Canal. I had already graduated from the University of Panama with a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance,” Bishop says.

After spending some time in Madison, Bishop soon fell in love with the people and the community, and decided to stay.

“For me, finding success has been important, so I strive to be an asset at what I do,” Bishop says.

Having graduated with a degree in the banking field, Bishop understands finance topics, and the ability to uncover benefits and recommend solutions for clients in a more effective manner.

“It is fair to say that in every position I held, I focused on my own development and doing my best to support my peers, our clients and company goals,” Bishop says. “I invested time to learn new skills and deepen my knowledge in certain areas and grow my connections in a way that served both myself and my employer.”

Bishop has several tips for women seeking a successful career, including tips specific to women in banking.

“It is important that you understand what motivates you, your life goals and a plan to achieve them,” Bishop says. “Banking is a very rewarding career where you can positively impact the lives of so many individuals and achieve professional accomplishments.”

Of course, not everyone that works in banking has a finance background, but Bishop shares some secrets of her success:

  • Be true to yourself, value your worth and your abilities, as well as your opportunities
  • Set goals and create an action plan that outlines how to achieve them
  • Prioritize what is important to you
  • Find an organization that aligns with your personal and professional goals
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Surround yourself with individuals that will mentor you
  • Seek feedback often with intention
  • Stay committed to your personal growth
  • Have a pulse on the community
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

“I have high expectations of myself as a person as well as a professional. In searching for a healthy work/life balance, I do try to focus on quality over quantity,” Bishop says. “As a woman, mother and professional, I feel that prioritizing and being present and productive wherever I am and whom I am with is what really matters.”

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