Debunking Branding Myths

By Amber Swenor

For budding female entrepreneurs, it’s important to stand out so that potential customers can identify why your brand is best suited for them, rather than a competitor’s. This is known as ‘personal branding.’ And if you are building a service-based business with you as the key service provider—whether a coach, consultant, hairstylist, financial planner, photographer—I’m here to tell you that you are the main axis in a brand driven biz.

Because everyone one of us is different, we will each resonate differently with different people. And if success is the end goal, you should be developing your personal brand from early in the game.

Think about your 5 closest relationships—perhaps with a parent, sibling, friend, partner or spouse. As alike as you may be, it’s likely you can identify characteristic differences related to decision making, beliefs and interests. So, contrary to the name, personal branding is REALLY about helping the right customers find you.

The top five myths about building a personal brand are:

  1. “Branding myself is pretentious.”
  2. “I’m too small to have a brand.”
  3. “I can’t afford to have a brand.”
  4. “Branding doesn’t get me sales.”
  5. “I’m not unique enough to have a brand.”

Reflect on which of these false assumptions might be your kryptonite, then crush it by:

  • Defining your values
  • Identifying who you desire to work with that aligns with those values
  • Letting your mojo flow

Always be yourself and #rockyourbrand. Your people will vibe with that.

For more help with creating brand clarity, especially on a budget, attend Swenor’s workshop at the 2018 THRIVE Conference this Friday—April 27. For more info and to register, visit

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