Darcy Luoma Faced Devastating Trauma—and Emerged Stronger

Read her inspiring journey in BRAVA’s upcoming Exclusive May cover story

In 2016, beloved Madison life coach Darcy Luoma’s world was rocked to its core after her husband, a stay-at-home dad to their two daughters, was arrested and ultimately sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In BRAVA’s May edition (coming out May 1!), Luoma talks about how she navigated through the toughest of times—times most of us can’t even imagine. How she strove to protect her two daughters, now 11 and 13, after they lost a father with whom they had, and still have, deep and lasting bonds.

How her own Thoughtfully Fit leadership model helped guide her through the grief, fear and rage of an upended life. And, how, ultimately, it helped her find forgiveness.

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Read Darcy’s incredible story here.

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