That Custom Touch at Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee

Just walk through the multitude of homes built by Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee — a custom home builder founded by Bryan Sipple in 2005 — and you’ll see the passion that goes into each home building project.

Sipple and his team understand what it takes to make a house a home through careful, state-of-the-art design collaboration and innovative construction techniques.

“We are able to give insight on different design aspects that can be achieved easily and in a high-quality way,”
says Nicole Hartmann, job operations manager at Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee.“We know the benefits and limitations of a variety of products and can guide you on the best options for our current climate and longevity of the home.” The team also gives consideration to the potential problems and hazards of home placement on a lot.

As Hartmann explains, throughout the entire process, the staff keeps the best interest of the homeowner in mind and uses their expertise to steer each customer in a direction that will promote the endurance and cost effectiveness of their home.

So, why should homeowners consider partnering with a custom home builder? Custom builders are able to offer design help and recommendations, as well as guidance on selections and construction processes, all of which provides a continuity to the look of your home.

“They also manage the project from start to finish using a network of subcontractors and staff, which maintains an efficient timeline,” says Brea Bartelt, interior designer with Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee. “They should be well versed in a variety of styles that incorporate many unique, added features, allowing for a home that is uniquely yours.”

The company offers expertise during every phase of the home-building process, from in-house drafting to cabinetry design to project management.

“We will help you build your home, progressing from discussing lot layout and permits … to the last cabinet pull being selected,” Hartmann says. “We use online, cloud-based software that allows you to interface with the project, approve change orders, track costs and view all design decisions in one place.”

Hartmann says a homeowner should look for a custom builder that is able to communicate ideas with ease, is honest about expectations, and is transparent about costs and timelines. It’s also important that the builder has a solid process in place for accurate record-keeping and project management.

“Equally important is to look at the quality of their work. Make sure there is attention to detail and the work is high quality,” says owner Bryan Sipple. “An experienced builder will understand the elements of various design elements and will know how to structurally bring that design to life.”

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