What’s Cookin’?

By Candice Wagener | Photographed By Sunny Frantz

Although Madison is flush with culinary talent, foodie celebs still predominantly dwell in bigger cities. Food bloggers are no exception, unless it’s Hip Foodie Mom Alice Choi, currently earning an international following by highlighting the Midwest’s edible delights.


Scroll through Choi’s digital channels and there’s no question she is a dedicated blogger and recipe developer. Favorites like kimchi fried rice, one-pot beef stroganoff and seafood pasta are easy weeknight meals for families. Drool-worthy chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and an entire page of brownie recipes get her followers baking. She also highlights products and appliances that are key to cooking success. And Choi uses Instagram to rave about local restaurants.


Being a parent was Choi’s biggest motivator for learning more about the art of cooking and the ingredients her children were eating. Friends and family encouraged her to start a food blog, which went viral, eventually allowing her to quit her marketing job and a three-hour commute in Seattle before moving to Madison five years ago.  “Once I discovered there was a food scene here, I was much happier,” says Choi, adding that she loves how approachable area chefs have been.


Choi truly enjoys what she’s doing and has quickly taken on the Midwestern trait of being incredibly approachable, personally responding to every comment on her Instagram feed and sharing posts from followers when they’ve made her recipes. She believes in using a 100 percent positive approach, and anyone who has viewed her videos, stories or posts can see that shining through. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

Follow Alice Choi’s food blog on hipfoodiemom.com

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