5 Tips to Find Time For Exercise

Finding time to workout while juggling work demands, meaningful connections, school, caring for kids, household chores and all the rest can feel overwhelming. That’s why our team of experts are here for you!


Find one day out of the week that’s not as busy as others and plan out your workouts. Block those times on your calendar and write down what your workouts will look like. Then, show up for yourself!

Finding you’re getting double-booked? Workout early in the morning instead. No one is scheduling a 5 a.m. meeting, so you know that time will be yours to get your workout in. Not finding enough time? Audit your schedule for a week. Write down how you spend ALL your time, then figure out what can go or what activities can be pared down. Why not scroll through Instagram while on the elliptical? Grab coffee to-go with that friend and walk while you talk!


See stairs? Take them! On a conference call? Do squats and calf raises! Pairing activities already in your schedule with exercise helps you stay active all day long, even if you have a more sedentary job. Go for a quick walk around the block when you’re done eating lunch. When you take your kids to practice, go for a run or do walking lunges and push ups while you wait. Princeton Club members get LesMills+ workout videos right on their phone for free so you can join a fitness class anytime, anywhere!


When you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re more likely to want to do it again. Try different ways to exercise to discover what you enjoy, this way you won’t want to miss your workout! Try group fitness classes (Princeton Club has over 100 classes a week!), swimming, pickleball, biking, walking around the track with a friend, weight lifting, basketball, Pilates … the options are endless. Princeton Club members get 2 free personal training sessions as well to help get started. You can also try pairing exercise with other activities you enjoy, like watching your favorite Netflix show while on the treadmill, listening to new music and podcasts while weight lifting, or hanging out with your friends while you workout together!

And remember, you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it. Don’t let not knowing how to do something stop you from trying. So if you love dancing and have no rhythm, dance your heart out at Zumba and WERQ!


Go to the park (walk there if you can) and play tag, climb the stairs, pump your legs on the swings or do pull ups on the monkey bars. Just move and have fun! You can also spend family time keeping active at Princeton Club! Play basketball, get to family swim time

or enjoy tennis on the West rooftop. Virtual fitness classes are also offered in our FREE Kids Club, so your kiddos can be active while you attend a class, work with a personal trainer or get your workout in.


Always keep a gym bag stocked with at least a pair of shoes, workout shorts and shirt in your car. That way you’re always ready for the next workout!

Remember, health and fitness IS a lifestyle, not something you achieve and move on from. Creating a fitness plan that’s realistic will help you stick to it. Give yourself grace if you miss a workout, and focus on the long- term benefits exercise brings. You’ve got this!

Get started at Princeton Club today with a Free Membership Trial AND limited- time special joining offers during our 35th Anniversary Celebration this month!

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