Create Your Own Meditation Space

By Annie Rosemurgy | Photographed By Sunny Frantz

Life—in all its glorious, messy detail—is happening all around us, every day. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to take time to step out of the daily hustle to re-center ourselves. Creating a beautiful meditation sanctuary at home need not be complicated. A small, quiet corner and some essential props can transform your space into a personal oasis of calm. Include items that highlight each of the five senses—smell, taste, touch, sound and sight—to help bring awareness to the body as you unwind and bliss out.

In Top Photos:

(Left photo) Purple Rug, $159, Mallet for Singing Bowl, $7.99; Art Gecko. Crystal Generator Water Bottle, $59, Sanskrit Singing Bowl, $46.95; Mimosa. Small Singing Bowl, $34, Medium Singing Bowl, $69.99, Buddha Bolster Pillow, $29; Art Gecko. Singing Bowl Pillow, $10, Amethyst Mala, $49.95, Amethyst Cluster, $59; Mimosa.

(Top Right) Buddha Statue, $68; Art Gecko. Clear Quartz Crystal, $59; Art Gecko.

(Bottom Right) Tea Mug, $14.95, Sanskrit Singing Bowl, $46.95, Spirit Pillar Candle, $11.95; Mimosa. Blue Shelf, $79; Art Gecko.

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