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Being gassy, bloated, nauseous or constipated isn’t comfortable. If you’re living with stomach upset more often than not, you may want to give fermented foods a try. During fermentation, food transitions from a raw or cooked state to a preserved “superfood,” known as probiotics, due to an increase in microbial content that develops during this process. Replenishing the pool of healthy bacteria in the intestines can provide relief to common gastric ailments. Culinary artist and Fermentation on Wheels founder Tara Whitsitt travels across the country in a school bus raising awareness about the numerous benefits of incorporating live-cultured foods such as yogurt, kefir, kombucha and sourdough into your regular diet. As Whitsitt explains, “Microbe-rich fermented foods and drinks offer a healthy alternative to the more widely available processed foods that are consumed in America today. When we introduce good bacteria to our bodies, we strengthen our gut, improve immunity and better our digestive system.” Learn more from Whitsitt July 11, when her Fermentation on Wheels bus comes to Madison. Community Groundworks, Madison. fermentationonwheels.com. Also check out wormfarminstitute.org for details on its classes and annual Fermentation Fest.


Rachel Werner

Need another reason to “unplug” a few more hours a week? Recent studies indicate “blue light” may cause macular degeneration. Whereas too much exposure to UV rays and white light from the sun can cause cataracts, the light given off from most mobile devices contains the type that is most damaging to the eye. Optometrist Dr. David Nelson suggests, “Avoid using a smartphone or tablet from up-close for extended periods of time and add a protective coating or treatment that can absorb, block or reflect blue light to your next eyeglass lens prescription.”

Rachel Werner

If everyone swapped a car for a bike for just 3 miles or about 18 minutes a day…
About 9,482 fewer Wisconsin residents would die of heart disease each year.
Roughly 108 million pounds of air pollution would not be emitted into our atmosphere nationwide.
About 1.5 million adults living in Wisconsin could slow or stop the progression of their obesity and related conditions.
Download the free Madison version of the My City Bikes app to find local routes, DIY bike maintenance and experts in your neighborhood. mycitybikes.org.

Rachel Werner

Shift your fitness regimen into overdrive at one of the following local spin boutiques!

CYC: Providing an accessible and challenging cycling based workout to a variety of athletes in a positive, supportive atmosphere, each 45- to 60-minute “road trip” contains 11 different segments split between cardio and weighted sports work. You’ll box, swim, row and practice volleyball while still on a bike. cycfitness.com.

FLYGHT: Burn fat and strengthen your heart on every ride! Flyght is about community, not competition. Each “flyght” includes conditioning options for every level of ability. So, whether you are beginning a new fitness regimen or continuing an existing one, you’ll feel “lifted, empowered and alive each time you fly,” instructor Nichole Vega says. Director of Instruction Kaila Pooler always says, “If what you do today is sit and pedal easy for 45 minutes, you’ve still achieved something great!” flyghtcycle.com.

PACELINE: Classes are designed to improve your endurance, strength and cycling ability. Each pro indoor bike is designed and set up to mimic a real bike. Each class has a purpose that directly relates to cycling, a major plus for serious outdoor bikers. Also, riders’ metrics—heart rate, power and miles—are available post-class to take home or can be downloaded onto the mobile fitness app Strava so you can easily track your progress. pacelineindoorcycling.com.

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