Star Scents at Zodica Perfumery

By Shayna Mace

Finding a signature scent can be tricky. But what if you could pick a scent and love it, simply based off of your zodiac sign? It sounds wacky, but there’s a method to that madness — and Kristi Moe did three year’s worth of research to prove it.

Back in 2016 when she was developing her perfume and body-care line, Moe performed market testing by having potential customers sniff-test different scent notes. They filled out a survey with their preferences and jotted down what their zodiac sign was. She observed that indeed, each particular zodiac sign was attracted to similar scents. She mixed up 12 unique perfumes — one for each zodiac sign — and the line was born. The brand also sells lotion, bath bombs, hair serum and other place-based scents — such as Eau de Wisconsin. The line is tremendously successful and carried in over 600 retail shops nationwide and online.

“Perfume is so personal — and you always have to test a bunch,” she explains. “This takes the guesswork out of finding a scent. I wanted to make it fun.”


Clockwise, starting in top left:

  • The line’s Twist & Spritz spray is a travel-friendly perfume option. $44
  • The deliciously-scented Hair Perfume Serum uses 100% pure argan oil, and has a myriad of other hair benefits. $38
  • Need to relax? Zodica’s Moon Bath bomb offers a relaxing bathtime escape. $16
  • As a Wisconsin native, Moe had to make a Wisconsin perfume — and it smells fantastic. $110
  • The 12-piece Perfume Palette has all of the zodiac scents, and is tailor-made to mix different perfume combos. $96
  • Layer the silk-soft Body Veil lotion under your scent to make it last longer. $38
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