More Power to You

These orgs can help you take the next step in your political involvement.

The League of Women Voters is one of the most prominent bodies in both national and state politics. They’re a bipartisan effort to mobilize the female electorate and encourage women to engage in important political issues. The League will often organize local debates, help register voters and lobby politicians on important issues. Getting involved in the League will allow you to be more involved in the political process without running for office.

The Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women operates similarly to the League of Women Voters except that their efforts target Republican women and voters. They identify and encourage women to run for office on the Republican ticket.

The Democratic Party, The Republican Party, The Libertarian Party and the Green Party all have state organizations. If you know that you’ll be voting down the ticket, their webpages are a great place to get help garner support for your side. They list upcoming party events, opportunities for door knocking and phone banking and of course an option to donate money to the organization.

The Wisconsin Women’s Network’s Policy Institute offers four annual training retreats in Madison where local female activists can learn how to better advocate for policy in the state legislature. The group is split into teams based on policy type and each group works on a policy advancement project with an assigned a mentor.


For more on nonpartisan organizations that can help you become more informed—or become more politically active—read “More Power to You,” on P. 68 on the online and print editions of the October 2016 issue.

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