A Vibrant, Senior-Focused Community at Renaissance Senior Living of Hilldale

Not long ago, when a senior citizen could no longer live independently, they often had few alternatives but to enter a nursing home. Today, things are changing. For one thing, people are simply living longer due to advances in medicine and preven- tive health. It’s more common today, as opposed to 50 years ago, to see people live into their 90s. In addition, there are many more alternative living arrangements for seniors today.

Enter Renaissance Senior Living of Hilldale. This development is a residential care apartment complex (RCAC) assisted living community located in the heart of the Hilldale area.

“The Hilldale community can really feel like its own small town, and that sense of community is what sets us apart,” says Jamison Toepel, executive director of Renaissance Senior Living of Hilldale. “Residents walk over to the Hilldale Farmers’ Market and attend concerts in the park [using] a walking trail near us. There is a family feeling all around us, and it can’t help but flow over into our community.”

The philosophy of assisted living is to provide supervision, assistance and health care services to senior citizens and indi- viduals with disabilities when needed. The goal is to provide maximum independence in a home-like setting, with individualized care and assistance.

Renaissance Senior Living of Hilldale prides itself on truly being a partner with seniors and their families, helping them plan special events and develop individualized service plans, while offering families a renewed peace of mind.

“Whatever your loved one’s daily needs may be, our attentive, compassionate team is dedicated to each resident’s security and comfort, coupled with honor and respect,” Toepel says.

At Renaissance Senior Living the staff promotes an active lifestyle for residents with a wide variety of clubs, activities and events. By getting to know each of the residents’ histories and working with their families, the Renaissance team can bring in new activities that pique the interests of residents.

“Our Tuesday travel club can bring back memories of family trips. Our book club lets residents discuss some of their favorite books while learning about new books from other residents,” Toepel says. “So, in a way, the residents are helping each other learn new things and remain active.”

Activities aside, the core facet of Renaissance Senior Living at Hilldale is the residents and the discreet care in the privacy of their own apartment.

“Our goal is to serve the greatest generation with honor, respect, faith and integrity. We treat each resident as if they are family members because they really become that,” Toepel says. “To me, that’s what makes a good assisted living. For the residents, it means freedom to pursue whatever they love, in a supportive, fun- loving community.”

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