No Need To Get Cold Feet

By Annie Rosemurgy | Photographed by Shanna Wolf

Cozy tootsies during Wisconsin winters are the obvious boon of radiant floor heating. But floors heated with electric wire or circulating warm water have so much more to offer homeowners. They’re energy efficient, low maintenance, compatible with any type of flooring, have a clean design (no radiators or vents!) and emit comfortable, even heat.

“It’s all about the comfort,” says Bob Hamilton of Rundle-Spence Plumbing in Madison, with “no cool spots, drafts or temperature swings.” The trend is particularly popular with allergy sufferers as dust circulation is kept to a minimum and air quality to a maximum. Need more? Kids and pets can’t burn themselves on hot radiators (or drop heirloom jewelry into vents). This comfy benefit comes with a cost, though. Retrofitting existing construction with radiant floors can be a complicated, expensive process, while installation into new construction runs about 30-40 percent more than conventional heating. But just wait until you feel those warm tile floors on a frigid winter’s morning. Heaven!

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