Hit Those Fitness Goals

Three tips from Princeton Club’s expert personal trainers to make your 2022 ambitions happen — even if you’ve fallen off track.


Your mindset determines your direction. We believe you can achieve your goals, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you will never make it past square one. What are you telling yourself about yourself? Read that again! Do you find yourself saying you can’t or won’t do something? Flip the switch! When you catch yourself thinking this way, replace those thoughts with positive truths.

Here’s how it can look:

LIE: I’ve failed before. Why even try again?
Replace with TRUTH: I am proud of the courage I had to try before and will learn from previous mistakes. I am capable of change!


Long-term goals can feel out of reach and be intimidating, so break it down! Create micro goals — small, attainable goals that will create your path to achieving your overarching goal. This could look like walking 30 minutes on the track every Wednesday, taking a group fitness class with a friend every Friday or packing a healthy snack twice a week. Small, healthy changes over time lead to major progress. Personal trainers are masters at helping people create and integrate meaningful micro goals!


Schedule your workouts on your calendar a week or more in advance. Then show up like you would for a coffee date with your best friend. No double- booking or last-minute cancellations — YOU are worth showing up for!

We know life happens, so when you don’t make your morning workout because of a f lat tire or the kids missed the bus, give yourself a mulligan (one maximum per week). Pivot your plan and reschedule your workout for over lunch or after work. You can still make it happen!

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