4 Public Art Pieces to View in Madison

By Shelby Rowe Moyer

“Both/And – Tolerance/Innovation”

Representing a confluence of ideas and beings, this installation at UW-Madison’s Library Mall is a metaphor for the merging of the City of Madison with the University. The stone represents reality and the steel panels represent abstraction — a nod to Aristotle’s “being qua being” philosophy that learning exists between “knowing” and “believing.”


Located on Highland Avenue, flanking the inside of the underpass beneath Campus Drive, are two 70-foot-long, accordion-like steel sculptures that cast off geometric patterns when lit from behind, presenting a “shifting” perspective as onlookers view it from different vantage points. The installation was finished this past spring and is intended to be a gateway between the UW-Madison campus, UW Hospital and Clinics, and the Regent neighborhood.


The single steadfast granite pillar overlooking the water at Marshall Park in Middleton honors Mildred Fish-Harnack, a Wisconsin native who was executed on the direct orders of Adolf Hitler for her resistance fighting in Germany.

She and her husband moved to Germany during the Great Depression and shared economic and military information about the Nazi regime.

Lycon Inc. Mural

Painted by students from James Madison Memorial High School in collaboration with artists Amy Zaremba, Alicia Rheal and Dane Arts Mural Arts, this mural in Middleton was commissioned by Lycon Inc. Find it at the corner of Terrace Avenue and Deming Way in Middleton.

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