Boss-Up Leaders

Becoming a Highly Effective Leaders

By Laneice McGee

It’s time to “BOSS UP,” leaders! But first, we must learn the core essence of what leadership is—service. Leadership isn’t about being bossy or giving orders; it is about serving people. Successful leaders lead by example. They are at the forefront of situations and leading their teams to make strategic decisions and win together.

The next step is to be exemplary in terms of motivation, thereby inspiring others to live and fulfill their potentials. Leaders are committed to a life of diligent service—focused on what they can do for their teams and how they can help them grow. “Bossing up” is not concerned with personal gains, but overall progress of the team. An effective leader is a visionary, flexible, open-minded and humble. A leader is attentive and responsive to the needs of their team members because they genuinely care about them.

“Bossing Up” also requires good communication skills. Effective communication can helps motivate team members during intense phases by consistently encouraging forward momentum and gains toward project completion. And successful leaders are not arrogant or distant. They work hand-in-hand with their team in regard to brainstorming, planning, problem-solving and execution, maintaining an active role from start to finish.

And “Bossing up” is about opening your team up to opportunities, helping them learn new things, encouraging them to maximize their potentials and inspiring them to greatness. It comes down to building people.


To learn more about how an effective boss demonstrates true leadership, attend McGee’s THRIVE Conference workshop “B.O.S.S. – BELIEVER OF SERVING SELFLESSLY” on April 27:

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