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Hive’s Gateway to the Outdoors
By Rachel Werner | Photographed by Shanna Wolf

Step into Hive to discover why winter is as good of a time as any to fall in love with the outdoors. “My favorite activities in nature are anything and everything, especially if it involves snow!” chuckles Hive co-owner Pam Schwarzbach. “But if I had to limit it to just two, it would be Nordic skiing and mountain biking.”

However the catalyst for Schwarzbach and her husband Troy Kattreh’s opening their new boutique on Monroe Street is intimately connected to this particular urban setting. “This store at this time was all about the location. Troy & I have lived and worked within a mile of Monroe Street for over 25 years, and have always felt that the neighborhood was missing this. There is so much energy in the neighborhood, and we love the very local feel to it,” she says.

The husband and wife duo carry activewear lines like Nau, Lole, Patagonia, Smartwool and Krimson Klover, which accommodate a fit lifestyle packaged within a more polished look. Kattreh and Schwarzbach also only sell artisanal accessories and gift items by makers whom they personally know such as the creative minds behind Orchard Street Apparel and Pinkoko Confections.

“Troy and I have been business partners since we met, and have owned and operated our own outdoor sales agency for more than two decades.  This is just an expansion of what we have always done,” Schwarzbach affirms. “Parenting, sales—and retail—seem to add up to three FULL TIME jobs.  But we do love a challenge.”

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