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By Rachel Werner

LOOKING TO TRICK out your cycle European- style? The Cargo Bike Shop may have just the gear on hand to make your ride more fly and functional. Owner Tim Staton is excited to offer an eco-friendly, customizable alternative to purchasing a second vehicle or operating an automobile everyday. “What makes owning a cargo bike so appealing is that it is a cost-effective solution to not wanting to use a car, but still being able to transport children, equipment, groceries—whatever you need—beyond what a traditional bike can carry.”

The three models Staton currently carries (the Bak-fiets, the Xtracycle, and the Workcyle) are Dutch-designed and range in price from $1,500 to $3,500. Though that may seem like a hefty initial investment, Staton is quick to point out that each bike can be outfitted to fit individual needs, transport 500 pounds, and can be fully equipped for use throughout the winter.

The benefits also extend to promoting a healthy, more active lifestyle and a safer parent-child cycling option. Several of Staton’s customers have found their cargo bikes to be quite liberating since they are no longer tied to a car and have been able to make the lifestyle changes they desire. He says mothers with young children liked the “increased visibility” with kids riding in the front cargo hold rather than being pulled in a trailer behind—the added bonus is being less distracted, since the kids are easier to see, thanks to the bike’s design.

Staton says after many years working in the bicycle industry and as an avid cyclist, these are his “favorite bikes in the world because they are so eye-catching and a hell of a lot of fun.” See if you can keep up with that.

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