Mudrooms and Entryways

mudrooms and entryways

By Annie Rosemurgy | Photos courtesy of Sweeney Design & Remodel and California Closets

Mudrooms and entryways might just be the new design-world “it” rooms. “The mudroom trend is here to stay,” says Linda Sweeney of Sweeney Design and Remodel.

Joanna Harig, design manager at California Closets, agrees: “Mudrooms and entryways are a reflection of how families are really living today. People want not only a space that is highly functional and organized, but also beautiful and in keeping with the overall aesthetics of the home.”

For busy, active families, mudrooms can be a sanity-saver. The detritus of everyday life—muddy boots and overstuffed backpacks—are neatly sorted and stored, containing the chaos and keeping interior surfaces clutter-free. In many homes the mudroom is also “ground zero” for household organization. Schedules, grocery lists and appointments can be posted here at a desk area, complete with charging station to keep electronic devices ready to go. Countertop spaces offer a handy spot for wrapping gifts, sorting mail, arranging school projects or as a landing pad for groceries.

Mudrooms and entryways run the spectrum from simple to spectacular, and Harig recommends that clients spend time reflecting on what essential functions this space will provide. For smaller homes Harig says that a “locker-type” organizer with hooks and bins may be appropriate. In larger homes, some families are creating remarkable and stylish combination rooms where entryway, laundry, home office and craft room merge into a beautiful, multi-purpose space.

One oft-overlooked area is the empty space above or below a bar of hanging coats in a standard closet. Harig says attractive bins and baskets can maximize these under-utilized zones, and can be rotated on a seasonal basis, housing scarves and mittens in winter, and beach towels, sunscreen and swim goggles when the lazy days of summer finally roll around again. Organizing just became fun again.

Barn Door Beauty

If a mudroom isn’t already in your home’s floor plan, there are easy ways to boost your entryway’s function and style vibe without breaking the bank. In this home, Sweeney Design and Remodel made a closet a functional showpiece, installing can lighting, a row of hooks (instead of a standard closet rod) and cube storage below.

Space Not Wasted

Even a humble nook under a staircase can serve as a makeshift mudroom with stellar results. This California Closets design incorporates the best of entryway organization with hooks, plenty of compartmental storage (with decorative Ecoresin backing), seating and a cool look to boot.

Luxe Living

Sweeney points out that pet parents love mudrooms for cleaning up after dog-park playdates and stashing leashes, toys and treats. The frequent hostess can have adequate space for guest’s coats and footwear. And while the mudroom trend is most popular with young families, Harig notes that seniors appreciate a simple bench to sit on while taking off shoes and jackets. This spectacular design by California Closets serves all of these purposes with a hardy tiled floor, ample seating and sleek organization.

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