Be Who You Are

A Dad’S POV on Realizing Authenticity and Happiness

By Megan Roessler

Brandmeier’s forthcoming book, “Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children,” offers fatherly guidance and advice, as well as broader insights on the purpose of life. Musing on topics from work, to love, to finding your passion, Brandmeier returns to the refrains of authenticity and happiness.  “If you don’t know the essence, not the ego of who you are, you won’t find happiness,” he says, ““Happiness is not a destination, it’s a revelation.”As his oldest daughter neared high school graduation, Jimmy Brandmeier began writing a song. A lifelong musician and producer, Brandmeier wanted to inspire her to remain authentic and passionate as a college student. While writing, he felt the song asking to become something more. Now, this musician and producer is adding a new title to his repertoire—author.

Punctuated with comics and illustrations drawn by Madison artist Christian Grooms, “Be Who You Are” is an eye-opening read perfect for picking up when you need a few words of inspiration and advice. Guided by love for his family, Brandmeier has lived the philosophies of his book. As he says, “E pluribus unum: out of many interests, one passion.”

Shortened from “Be Who You Are,” here are a few of Brandmeier’s selected words of wisdom:

  • “Don’t live the shadow…live the dream.”
  • “Every life touches every life.”
  • “Go make mistakes.”
  • “Change your self-concept, and you’ll change your life.”
  • “Falling in lack will masquerade as being in love, if you don’t… love yourself first!”

“Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children” will be available in stores beginning October 9 and online as of July 3. For more information, visit, or contact Brandmeier at [email protected].

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